2 Rooms $70, 3 Rooms $85, 4 Rooms $97, 5 Rooms $119
Whole House Up to 8 Areas $199 (excludes stairs)
Most Area Rugs $65 For 1, $99 For 2 

Our Supreme Air technicians will start by inspecting the areas to be cleaned.  During inspection, you can discuss with the technician your areas of concern.   If needed we will pre-vacuum to remove any loose soil to prepare the carpet for in-depth cleaning.  Beds, dressers, display cabinets and other heavy pieces  are left in place under our regular pricing structure. We ask that you move all your breakable items such as lamps and glassware and clear the areas to be cleaned before we arrive.

Depending on the condition of the carpet (age, wear and tear, and amount of soil), some of the cleanable may need to be pretreated.  This separates the soil from the fibers.  Your technician will discuss with you options for pretreatment and spot and stain removal. 

Using our powerful truck mounted hot water extraction process (steam cleaning),  the soil is removed.  The heat and pressure is regulated by a sophisticated system of gauges to monitor temperature and pressure to ensure that the integrity of the carpet fabric is not compromised by the cleaning process.  We always groom your carpet fibers in the proper direction for quicker drying. The process leaves the carpet fibers in a neutral state, removing any previous sticky residue.  There will be nothing left but your very clean carpet !

Your Supreme Air technician will discuss with you the need for a carpet protector after the cleaning.   The protector will help prevent future staining and soiling of your carpet.

Our cleaning process provides unrivaled cleaning power and deep down suction to remove ground-in soil and revive your carpet's appearance, not to mention your carpets will be dry within 2 hours.  We set ourselves apart from the competition by our appearance and workmanship.  We do not use contracted workers, our technicians are full-time employees and wear company uniforms. 

Check out our before and after pictures.    Having your carpets professionally cleaned by Supreme Air makes a huge difference in the beauty and health of your home environment.