Home Upholstery Cleaning

$105 Standard Sofa and LoveSeat; $40 Dining Room Chair (minimum 2) - With FREE Deodorizer
Mattress Cleaning: $65 Twin or Double, $85 Queen, $99 King - With FREE Antimicrobial Treatment

Furniture is one of the biggest investments and most used items in your home.  Contaminants  including dirt, dust, body fluids, food spills become embedded in our upholstery over time and cannot be removed with your standard in home cleaning tools.  Having your upholstery cleaned can restore the original beauty of your pieces and extend their life.  Supreme Air can provide the special skills and tools to maintain your upholstery and keep it looking like you just had it delivered from the store.

Perhaps the most important (and often the most overlooked) piece of upholstery in your home is your mattess- the place where you spend up to 1/3 of your time - as much as 8 hours per day.  No doubt you are looking to have your mattress cleaned already since you are reading this article.  As an informed consurmer, you probably already know that there are over 2 MILLION dust mites living and breeding in the average mattress.   Without annual cleaning, these nasty organizms thrive there, continue to multiply and improve their infestation levels.   They like sleeping in warm, moist surroundings, so, when you go to bed, the dust mite party begins - they wake up and begin feasting on our dead skin (about 10 grams or 1/5 ounce per person per day) and procreate.  These mites are very small, too small to be seen with the naked eye (they need at least 10 times magnification to be seen since they are onley 250 to 300 microns in length).   We don't have pictures of them on our web site because we don't like the way they look - we prefer to think about getting rid of them!  The average female dust mite can lay up to 80 eggs each time and the average life cycle from egg to adult is about one month; and the adult lives an average of 4 months.   About 10 percent of the population, especially our children and the elderly are allergic to the dust mite feces.  Most important is that our 30 horsepower engines with their incredible suction, 280 degrees of hot steam, as well as our complementary antimicrobial treatment will eradicate these pests from your matress and prodide a germ free, healthy environment for sleeping; protecting everyone, especially our children and the elderly who do not have strong immune systems.
Our experienced technicians inspect all your upholstery and determine what is the best cleaning process based on type and age of fabric, amount of soil, and types and presence, type and age of stains.   Since our technicians are specifically trained in upholstery cleaning, they will choose the cleaning solution and method that is best for your furniture.   We use state of the art equipment as well as all natural chemicals that are safe and non-toxic.

Your Supreme Air technician will explain to you everything about the process and predict which stains can be removed.   While not all stains can be removed, we do use the most up to date stain removal techniques and have a remarkable success rate.  We may recommend a sealant to be applied after cleaning to help protect your upholstery from future soiling. 

Please be advised that often times home cleaning attempts at stain removal can actually make the stain more difficult to be removed.  Also depending on the length of time the stain has been in the fabric can affect the success of the outcome of cleaning.  So if you have a bad spill, it is important to let us know right away.   In any case,  you will be amazed at the dramatic difference in ALL your upholstery before and after cleaning.