Are you tired of trying to clean those grout lines?  They just don’t look the same as when you had your fancy ceramic tile installed.  Do you want the tiles to shine? This is one area in your house that will shine the most from our professional cleaning services by Supreme Air.  Just look at the before and after examples.  No matter how much brute manual force you use or home remedies you try to clear those tiles and grout lines it simply cannot compete with our state of the art 35 horsepower truck mounted AMTEX cleaning machines.  

Our technicians will inspect the areas to be cleaned for loose tiles and loose grout.  All large particles are first removed and then we use our machines for cleaning.  The pores in the grout are quite porous, and our machine’s suction is so strong that it reaches down in to the pores and sucks the dirt right out of the pores, leaving them looking like new. 

Your Supreme Air technician will discuss with you the need to seal your grout lines after cleaning to enhance the look and improve the stain resiliency of your grout for the future.  

Your tile really can look like new again.  Give Supreme Air a call today !