To meet your air duct cleaning needs in Houston's dynamic business environment, we offers our services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We understand that time is money and are ready when you are to provide the service you need to compete in Houston's competitive market.  we will rush to you and perform a no cost, no obligation, on-site survey.  Generally we can follow up with an oral bid immediately or a formal written estimate within 24 hours, followed by air duct cleaning services within 24 hours.  Supreme Air can show you the interior of your duct system with our air duct cameras and provide you with an air quality measurement before and after cleaning.  Customers on our maintenance plans are guaranteed the most high-priority in service. We are fully insured and use the industry's newest in cleaning equipment. We warranty our work.  

Today's buildings are far more energy efficient than their predecessors. The downside to these tight buildings is that they done "breathe", as they are nearly "air tight".  The indoor air is continually being recycled, along with any of the contaminants that may be lurking in the air duct system.   Ducts are a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and viruses.  They are also a collection vessel for dust mites, pollen, chemical residue from cleaning, painting or manufacturing processes and decaying organic matter.  All of these things can lead to what is known as "sick building syndrome".  Ensuring clean healthy air is a necessity for any business. Indoor air can be up to 70 percent more polluted than outdoor air. Advantages of clean air ducts to business can be substantial.  According to the NEMI (National Energy Management Institute), "Benefits of improved indoor air quality are so large that this opportunity cannot be ignored..."   These opportunities include reduced sick leave, improved productivity, better employee / customer and visitor health, reduced health costs, all of which lead to greater profits.   Additional benefits include reduced utility bills by increased air flow, less dust accumulation in the office, elimination of musty odors and improvement in uneven temperatures throughout the building.

Air duct systems consist of many components, including the supply and return air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchangers and cooling coils, drip pans, fan motor and fan housing, and the air handling unit housing.  All of these components are cleaned by Supreme Air as part of our process.  We use specialized tools to dislodge dirt and other debris in ducts, then vacuum them out with a high-powered vacuum cleaner.  Our 35 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engines on our vacuum systems have incredible suction.  Since the majority of accumulation in any system is located at the returns, blower, coils and fan, our experienced technicians clean those areas by hand.  Included in our air duct cleaning process is the application of natural chemical biocides to the inside of the duct work and other components.  These products will attack microbiological contaminants, control mold growth and assist in the release of any residual particles or fibers from the ducts.  These products are non toxic, safe for everyone, including the elderly and pregnant women.     

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