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Customer Testimonials
Jason Sobieski, River Oaks Townhouse (in an e-mail received after service):

Hello. This is Jason Sobieski and I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great overhaul you guys did on my air ducts and upholstery! I never thought I'd be able to get the stains out of my closet after the little "incident" I had, but you guys did an excellent job on the carpet and furniture on all three floors. The air seems to be nice and fresh now, too.

I'll be keeping your contact information the next time I need my upholstery cleaned (though I hope it won't be any time soon!) Thanks!

Pauline Wilson, The Heights:

I have a large beige colored sectional in my home, two very large pets and a boy-friend who is a neat-freak!  With all the doggie hair and discolorations I really didn't think my sofa could be cleaned.  I was stressing that I was going to have to buy a new one (wow, have you priced furniture lately?)..  I didn't want to replace the sofa because I really like it.  My decor is contemporary and it is so hard to find the right piece.  I had heard that upholstery can be professionally cleaned so decided to give that a try.  The Supreme Air folks came by and explained to me how it could be done.  And they did it.  The couch looks as good as new.  Now I am sitting in my den and everything smells so nice in here.   The only problem is with the doggies.  They don't like their new doggie beds, they still prefer the sofa (LOL...)!   thank you Supreme Air.... I will call you again.

Peter Doyle, Bellaire:

I am a very busy professional and I entertain business associates on a regular basis so everything needs to be spic and span.   My housekeeper does a pretty good job on vacuuming the carpets, and she tries to spot treat regularly.  But that just does not keep them clean enough.  Supreme Air has cleaned my carpets for several years now.  They always pay attention to detail and get out every spot.  You can see the difference immediately.  My carpet looks great.  I really appreciate their scheduling flexibility because i don't like the take unnecessary time away from the office.  Oh yes, they recently cleaned the grout lines on my ceramic tile in the kitchen and foyer and you would not believe the difference. The grout came up several shades back to the original color and it really does look brand new.  I wish I had done it sooner.

RoseAnn Milligan, Clear Lake:

Hi everybody.  Supreme Air asked me to write a recommendation for them and I am glad to do so.  I have four children at home (including my husband) so it is not the easiest thing to keep house.  I am very very picky about who does work in my house - I would rather do it all myself.   Supreme Air cleans my carpet and upholstery on a regular basis and they always do a bang-up job !!  Supreme Air was patient with me and they always answer all my questions and thoroughly explain the process.  They showed me the inside of one of my ducts with their camera and there was so much dust in there it was really disgusting.  Do you know that the builder actually left a coke can inside of one of my ducts ???  There was a lot of mildew underneath one return.  No wonder we have all been sneezing whenever the AC kicked on.  Anyway it has been about a week now since they cleaned the ducts and we are all feeling much better.   That smell - that stale smell you sometimes smell when you first come in to the house - it is all gone.  I am glad we made the investment in having our duct system cleaned.  I am very happy with Supreme Air and would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Janice Chappelear, Midtown:

Oh this property I live in, this pearl colored carpet ...   When I moved in the whole place smelled like a big bow-wow.    I knew it was from the previous owner's dogs.   After a few months I couldn't stand it any more so I decided to have the carpets cleaned, hoping to eradicate Fido smells once and for all.  When the Supreme Air technicians showed up they could tell right away that animals had lived in the house, just from the smell.   I explained to them that all the animal fur in the carpet was from the dog that lived here before me and had nothing to do with Prince Smokey (my feline).    The technicians asked if I had my air ducts cleaned and I told them I had wanted to; but that I had estimates from two other companies who had told me my system with its flimsy looking duct work was such that it could not be done.   Supreme Air knew otherwise.  They explained to me that their machine had so much suction that it could clean out my system and remove all the dust and other junk in there all the way up to the third floor and that it would not damage those cheap ducts put in by the builder.   I remember they worked overtime to finish my job and stayed until 8:30 in the evening.  My air duct system took several hours to clean and the results were no less than dramatic.   I don't cough any more when the air conditioner turns on.  No more memories of any canine in here.   The only problem was that the technician told me that with Smokey in the house I need to stay on a regular carpet cleaning schedule; that is, if I want to keep the carpet in check.  I really don't know why he thinks cats shed when we know it's the dogs.  I guess I don't mind so much, the technicians are always so friendly and very easy on the eye.  Thank you Supreme Air - for making my home a better place to live.